Joe Swift – Garden designer TV presenter and Broadcaster

Russell from U.K. Solar Generation gave me great advice about which system and panels to go for and installed my system quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the service.

Mr D. Bevington – Alexandra Palace – 2.4kWp Panasonic – SMA inverter – Immersun

We had our 2.4kw system installed by UK solar generation in late April, 2014. The installation was completed over 2 days. The start date was on the day agreed. The installation was done on a flat roof and was very neat. All the wiring and inverter placement well thought out. We also had a device added to the system to divert surplus production to heating hot water.

The installation has worked well producing more power than we have been able to consume. To date, late August, 1060kwh produced. All the paper work to get FIT payments handled well and have already received our first payment.

Overall this went very smoothly. Installation undertaken and completed on schedule, everything well explained, any questions were dealt with quickly, and follow up has been great.

The staff involved were all knowledgeable and polite. I would happily recommend UKSG as a quality supplier who clearly explained what they would supply, how it would be installed and then did it on time and budget.

Dr Sufi – East Finchley – 4kWp Axitec – SMA inverter – Immersun

Great service. Very prompt, courteous, flexible and neat. Good, clear explanation and very helpful. Competitive pricing and good job done very professionally. Would recommend very highly.

Mr Jackson-Jakubowski – Shepherd’s Bush – 3kWp LG – SMA inverter

I have agreed for installation on Monday 11th August 2014. Installation completed on time as agreed. Excellent service.

Mr T. Kingsbury – The Garden Escape – various systems

We use UK Solar Generation for our Garden Rooms. The panels help us achieve the level required to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes. We tender our work out to various companies but UKSG have come back cheapest on every project. They’re flexible and professional and exactly what we require.

Mr D. Thompson – Sheffield – 1.71kWp – LG 285w Panels – SMA inverter

I had used Russell and RAL electrical to wire my loft conversion back in 2005 so when I found out they were now installing solar panels I knew they would do a good job.

My original garage roof was about 30 years old and leaky so UKSG offered to change my garage roof before the work went ahead using corrugated sheets which look really smart. They also replaced the guttering around the side of the garage as part of the job.

As the space on my garage roof was limited their surveyor recommended using a high efficiency panel. I went for the LG 285w so with 6 panels I could achieve a 1.71kWp system. It still worked out a lot cheaper than some of the bigger companies that were using less efficient panels and output has been great for the last 2 years. So far I’ve been very pleased with my system and would recommend them highly.

Mr T. Bembridge – Belper – 4.0kWp – Axitec panels – Kako inverter – Wattson Monitor

UK Solar Generation came recommended to me through my sister as a friend of hers had had some panels installed by them. A surveyor came round and gave me a very clear quote instead of the usual sales nonsense you can get with this type of thing. My roof was measured and because the surveyor knew I had a tight budget he offered me the most cost effective solution.

Since installation the panels have performed fantastically and occasionally reached 3.8kWp even in winter at which stage I turn on the electric fire! I am a keen watcher of the electricity produced and even though my bills were low to start with they have reduced by at least two thirds!!

Ms A. Denning – Stratford – 3.75kWp – Axitec panels –SMA inverter – Sun Tunnel – Wattson Monitor – V-Phase Voltage optimiser

UK Solar Generation installed a 3.75kWp system for me last summer (June 2013) along with a voltage optimiser, power monitor and a sun tunnel.
The savings I receive plus the Feed-in Tariff easily cover my electricity bill and the sun tunnel provides a lot of natural light really brightening up my landing.

Their prices were extremely competitive so I actually got a loan for most of the work. The loan is at 4.99% APR and the return I get on my panels is about 15%.

They more than delivered on the quality and friendly service that they arrived with and I would recommend them highly.

Mr A. and Mrs C. Fisher – Sheffield – 4kWp Axitec – SMA inverter – Wattson monitor

UK Solar Generation came recommended to us through our plumber and after contacting them we received a visit and a quote the next day. We were very impressed with the product information and the performance they predicted one year on has been exactly as promised. We monitor production through our Wattson display and because we are at home a lot in the day our savings have been fantastic. Really nice team and I have recommended UK Solar Generation to our neighbour and our son each time receiving a £100!

Mr J. and Mrs A. Craddock – Lewisham – 3.9kWp – LG 300w panels –SMA inverter

Apparently we could fit 13 panels between our South West and South East facing roofs which, when given the option of the LG 300w panels made great sense. They weren’t any more expensive than the other, much smaller quotes we received and although we were a little cautious of the seemingly small size of their company they did provide us with an independently backed warranty which gave us piece of mind. We’re 3 years on with our panels now and we don’t even notice they’re there except for when we receive our payments. Our electricity bill is much smaller now too, maybe even half what it was so we’re really happy we got them installed.

Mr D. Ferdinando – Tonbridge Wells – 4kWp Bosch East/West – SMA inverter – Immersun

UK Solar Generation was working on my street doing what seemed to be a very neat job on my neighbour’s house. I specifically asked for Bosch panels as I know and like the quality and they came back with a very competitive quote straight away. I have an East/West facing roof but this actually works out well as I get a good spread of electricity throughout the day improving my savings.

I have a very old fashioned coal back boiler which meant I relied heavily on electricity for my hot water in summer so when they offered me the Immersun unit to re-divert the excess solar electricity to my immersion tank I was very impressed. Our electricity bills are so much smaller now and the Feed-in Tariff has been a nice little source of income. Great thing to do and a great company to do it with.

Mr S. Taylor – Tonbridge Wells – 3kWp LG 250w panels – SMA inverter

I have worked in renewable energy for some time now with my plumbing/solar thermal company so I was looking for a decent solar PV installer. Russell arrived as promised and knowledgably explained everything. He explained he organised and supervised all work and from his expertise I knew I was getting a professional job. The work was exceptionally neat and has been working nicely for nearly 3 years now. Top company and I’ve recommended them several times to friends.

Dr Jafree – Ashford Kent – 3.84kWp Panasonic Panels– SMA inverter – Immersun

We had our panels installed in March 2011 along with 4 other families we are close to in our area. The work was completed so swiftly on all of our properties and the finish was extremely professional. We have all experienced cheaper bills and the Feed-in Tariff has proven itself to be a great investment.

We noticed we weren’t using all the electricity we were producing in the daytime and then I came across the Immersun unit. UKSG installed this so now, combined with my immersion heater this little unit makes even more savings but this time on my hot water/gas bills. We hear from them occasionally for updates and it’s good to hear their news. I would recommend them highly.

Mr E. Gardner – Rusthall – 18kWp and 4kWp – SMA inverter – Canadian Solar panels

UK Solar Generation installed an 18kWp system on one of my commercial units providing cheaper bills for my tenants and also a healthy investment for myself. I have since had panels installed on my flat roof at my home in Rusthall and they are actually over-performing on what I was estimated. It’s been 3 years now since installation and the savings and payments are getting better as time goes by. Really pleased I had them installed and really pleased with the service I received.

Mr O. Merrick – East Ham – 2kWp – Axitec – SMA

I had been aware of UK Solar Generation for a little while as a friend had used them and after moving into my new place and having saved up enough I knew I was going to get the panels. Russell came to me with an offer of a product he had received and I decided to take the plunge.

The team were obviously experienced and hardworking and they even replaced some of my missing ridge tiles whilst they were up there.

My meter started spinning backwards as soon as the system was turned on but that was quickly removed by my electricity supplier more’s the shame! I still receive good payments and savings from the panels and my property had definitely increased in value.

Great set of guys and I thank them very much for everything!

Mr U. Rauf – Forest Gate – 3.25kWp Axitec – SMA inverter

I sometimes work with UKSG providing their EPC’s so I had seen a lot of their work and was convinced of the job they do. They quoted for my family home in Forest Gate and the figures added up quickly. The system will pay for itself in 6 years and the payments and savings last a lot longer. 20 years for the payments I believe. It feels good too! Many thanks to their team for a job well done.