Creating Shared Value

Set up in 2000 by electrical contractor Russell Lyne, UK Solar Generation Ltd has been driven by a means of protecting our planet. The biodiversity of our fragile planet has been steadily contracting since industrialisation in the 70s. Conscientious scientists have been fighting to decarbonise economies for decades and with the cost of installing solar photovoltaics reducing all the time we hope to contribute as much as we can towards financially viable green power production. Ultimately our aim is to achieve grid cost parity and even a cost advantage over traditional fossil fuels through research and dynamic installation cost savings.

UK Solar Generation is passionate about serving the UK and ensuring value for the local community, stakeholders, households and corporations. We do this by offering employment to local workers, by ensuring we are purchasing the best quality products that suit our customers needs, and importantly, that they are manufactured and sourced by as a responsible a means as possible.

We aim to educate across our networks, by sharing global news and promoting ethical standpoints to make a difference to the biodiversity of our planet.

We aim to engage with the public, business owners and government, leading by example, protecting and building on what we believe are simple choices; harnessing renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our world.