We have ended 2020 with many new solar projects, exciting new opportunities for 2021 and a few installations of electric vehicle charging points. We are proud to be OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) approved installers. It means that we are on the OLEV list of  home and workplace electric vehicles charging stations installers.

In early months we have installed three domestic EV charging sockets across South England. One of them is Rolec and the two others are Zappi. All of them work alongside domestic solar systems and battery storage. Such combination helps to maximise household’s energy efficiency and is a huge step towards “being green”.

Wall-mounted charging points for electric cars are perfect for recharging the car on your own property. They are easy-to-use devices with a modern design and durable construction.

You can find two main types of electric vehicle chargers: tethered and untethered (with sockets). A home charging station with a cable (tethered charger) can charge a vehicle equipped with a socket that matches the plug. On the other hand a station without a cable (only with a socket) allows to charge any electric car, provided that we have a dedicated cable or an appropriate adapter. A station with a fixed cable provides greater convenience of use, while models with only a socket provide greater flexibility. For example if you change the car to a model with a different plug, you will only need to buy the cable itself.

All three pictures in this article show untethered chargers that we installed in 2020. We are certainly looking forward to many more projects like these in the future.